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Municipal Election Coverage – The Dark Side of Politics

A quick video post inspired by some current events in Toronto politics.

Keep your campaigns clean and follow the rules. No matter if you win or lose you will have your honour.

I have helped many Municipal Councillors get elected and none of them had to break the rules or compromise their morals. In fact doing the exact opposite has proven successful.

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Online Voting in Municipal Elections

Congratulations to the City of Cambridge for entering the 21st century! 

Cambridge has launched a project to allow telephone and online voting in their municipal election.. More information here.

Every municipality in North America should have online voting.  It saves people time and which will increase voter turn out. I do not buy into fraud and security concerns. If I can move thousands of dollars online (if I had thousands of dollars), then why can we not have a website safe enough to cast a ballot for your local official?

Let’s hope, for the sake of  democracy, this is the start of a new trend.

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Young Municipal Election Candidates

City politics is a great place for the next generation of politicians to get their feet wet. 

Thanks for watching. Below is a list of candidates and politicians mentioned in the video.

Past Successful Young City Councillors:

Adam Giambrone –
Lynn Strachan –
Alex Nuttall –
Patrick Brown –
Michael Fogarty –

Current Young Candidates:

Mason Ainsworth – Ward 3 in Orillia –
Cam Galindo – Ward 9 Hamilton –
Sergio Morales – Ward 9 Barrie –

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pssst… if you are a young candidate running in an election add your twitter handle in the comments and I’d love to follow your campaign

A Great Campaign Launch – Joe Persechini

This media story is a good example of a successful campaign launch. 

Joe Persechini is running for Town Council in East Gwillimbury this fall.  As a long time community activist the media attention is well deserved.   Persechini even has a street named after him recognizing all his great charity work. Campaign launches like this remind us that a council election does not start when nominations open. A good Councillor candidate is already working hard for their community without the official title.

Unless Google search is failing me, it looks like Joe needs to get moving on an election website. It would be nice to leverage a good news day into some web traffic and online voter ID.

In East Gwillimbury voters elect 4 Councillors at large so it’s a tough race. Best of luck to Joe Persechini and his campaign team.


Municipal Election Coverage – Jesse Helmer & Crowdsourcing

As the municipal election heats up I am going to spend some time analyzing current City Councillor elections. I would love to focus 100% on all the good stuff I am coming across, however as I stumble on a few candidates who need serious help I will use it as an example of what not to do.

I want to start my election coverage with pointing out a Councillor Candidate who is doing something that  all claim to do. This Candidate is Jesse Helmer Candidate who is running for Ward 4 in London Ontario. What he is doing is great is voter engagement.   Every candidate with the corny slogan “your voice at city hall” claim they want to hear from voters and then turn around and do their own thing.  Jesse Helmer has taken the voter engagement promise to the next level by incorporating crowdsourcing to his campaign.

Here is a brief video of what I am liking about Jesse’s web strategy:


Explore his campaign online at:

If you have any suggestions for City Councillor election coverage send them my way. Good luck in your campaign.

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Websters defines crowdsourcing as the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from the online community rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.

Ohhh and here is the sign they landed on –