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What is the 'Walk the Dog' Fishing Technique? Photo Credits: anglinginsight.com by Willie Anderson. The "Walk the Dog" fishing technique is a popular method of attracting fish by simulating the movement of a wounded baitfish on the water's surface.This technique involves rhythmic jerking of the fishing rod to make the lure move back and forth, imitating the erratic swimming pattern.

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It all started with the Zara Spook, by far the most well known walk-the-dog lure. Spooks are cigar shaped, hard plastic walkers that have been used by bass anglers for decades. They now come in a bunch of different versions of itself, with a variety of features, colors, and sizes. Another very popular walker is the Gunfish.

115mm Zerek Skittish Dog Lure Col YOWalk The Dog Lure Hard Body Fishing Lure

If you like the Heddon Spook lures you'll like my version better. In this video I make an Engineered Angler version of the old trusted Spook topwater lure.h.

115mm Zerek Skittish Dog Lure Col BLWalk The Dog Lure Hard Body Fishing Lure

KVD Sexy Dawg Topwater. The Sexy Dawg was designed and reviewed by Kevin VanDam to be an easy to work, far casting, premium "walk-the-dog" topwater lure with great action. Thousands of fish later, we can safely say he got it right. Rhythmically twitch your rod tip to make the nose go side to side. Take one for a walk soon.

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Walking the dog fishing is a topwater technique. Using a cigar shaped-flat belly Topwater lure. First, Cast. Let settle. Twitch the rod's tip sharply a few inches to the side. This creates slack in the line. Twitch & repeat. Jerking against the slack in your line is the key to achieving a left-to-right action.

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Step 4. Twitch the Rod Tip. A slight horizontal twitch of five or six inches will cause the lure to swipe back and forth. If you have ever fly fished, this is the bass angler's version of a barrel cast. The responsiveness of the slackline being twitched is enough to work the bait. Step 5.

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Walking the do takes practice but the right rod, reel, and lure can help make it easier . The Walking Baits (TWB): Whether you choose the original Spook, or one of the countless new walking baits, try and select one that is both easy to cast and walk. You will want to cover a lot of water so baits weighing 5/8oz. and up will make it easier to.

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Walking the dog. The techniques below are a few ideas to try. Following a cast, when the lure lands, leave it completely still for up to twenty seconds. You are allowing the shock waves of the lure hitting the water to travel and attract nearby fish. If the water is calm enough you can watch the ripples flowing away from the impact.

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Cedar trees with limbs sticking 1 to 2 feet out of the water are Campbell's favorite targets for walking a Spook. "Walking the dog" is the zigzagging retrieve used for various cigar-shaped topwater lures that walk across the water while twitching your rod. "You must have the right rod and reel and the right line to have your Spooks walk.

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Walk the dog topwater stick baits like the Rapala Skitter Walk or River2Sea Rover are probably the most versatile, and stay deadly from the spawn all the way into the fall. Their back and forth sashaying action produces a ton of commotion, and perfectly imitates a dying baitfish.Unfortunately though, walk-the-dog style baits require a little bit more work by the angler than just chucking and.

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Making your topwater lure move side to side or give it the "walk the dog" action can be hard to master. Watch Forrest Wood Cup Champion Scott Martin show you.

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Making your topwater lure move side to side or give it the "walk the dog" action can be hard to get the action right. Watch 40 year pro and charter Captain E.

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The 'walk the dog' action is created the quickly jerking the line and then briefly pausing. If done in rapid succession it will create a zigzag on the retrieve.. Starting with a good lure that lets you walk the dog action quickly and easily. The biggest thing I want to remember when learning to walk the dog is the term, "jerk the slack

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If you are either new to walking the dog or new to walking subsurface twitchbaits like mirrodines, and rapala subwalks then sit back and learn the finer deta.

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For most lures, the walking the dog action starts with the rod slightly pointed downward, with the tip just a few inches off the water. After the cast, twitch the rod's tip sharply a few inches, then immediately drift the rod's tip back toward the lure a few inches, creating a bit of slack in the line. Then, twitch and repeat, all the way.

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Walk The Dog Lures Explained. In short, walking the dog refers to a fishing technique that has your topwater lure moving side to side at the surface of the water. The angler will get this unique motion in their dog lures by popping and twitching the fishing rod tip in a variety of different directions. Walking the dog works great for covering a.