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thanks a lot. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English thanks a lot informal (also thanks a bunch American English spoken) used when really you are annoyed about something and you do not mean ' thank you' at all → thanks Examples from the Corpus thanks a lot • "I forgot to bring your money." "Well, thanks a lot !" • Gee, thanks.

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"Thanks a lot." "You're welcome." I told her where the nearest ATM machine was, and she said, "That's great. Thanks a lot." Quick Quiz. You'd expect someone to say "Thanks a lot" after you've. a. asked them to help you b. given them a hand c. cheated them

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Font size: When used sincerely, "thanks a lot" is a common way to express gratitude or appreciation. For example, if someone helps you with a task or does something kind for you, you might say "thanks a lot" to show your appreciation. However, in certain contexts, "thanks a lot" can be used sarcastically to express the opposite sentiment.

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The answer might surprise you—and change the way you look at thanking people from here on out. Many people wonder if saying " Thanks a lot " is correct. The simple answer is, yes, it's perfectly fine. This phrase is a polite way to express deep gratitude. It's more heartfelt than a simple "thanks" or "thank you.".

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"Thanks a lot" literally means thank you with more emphasis and gratitude. "Thanks" is short for "thank you," and "a lot" is just one way to say "many," "a great deal," or "numerous." "Thanks a lot" is just one of many ways to express thanks in English. However, "thanks a lot" is usually the primary expression of gratitude with which English speakers choose.

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thanks a lot. This phrase is correct and commonly used in English to express gratitude. This phrase is used to express a high level of gratitude or appreciation for something. It is informal and commonly used in spoken English. Thanks a lot for your help! I really appreciate it, thanks a lot. Thanks a lot for the birthday gift.

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Expressing gratitude is a great way to strengthen relationships, foster goodwill, and promote positive emotions. We're all comfortable issuing a quick thanks, but different thank yous can have different meanings.The meaning of thank you very much is slightly formal, while thanks a lot can sound either gracious or sarcastic. The phrase thank you in advance is particularly loaded and should be.

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Explanation of the English phrase "Thanks a lot!": This is a phrase that people often say sarcastically. That means that people say "Thanks a lot" but they actually mean the opposite. They mean that they're not happy with what someone said or did. Say "Thanks a lot!" in situations like these: Your friend says something about you that's supposed to be nice, but sounds like he's criticizing you.

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Definition. Thanks a lot!: Thank you very much! I deeply appreciate it! I'm extremely grateful! idiom. Note that in informal language (especially on the internet and in text messages), we sometimes write "tks" rather than "thanks". " Bruno : So, Gymglish users, thanks a lot for this trip. " Warbuckle : Thanks a lot, Eva, that music was great!

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"Thanks a lot" is an informal way to say "thank you". The answer for "thanks a lot" will be the same as "thank you". When someone shows their gratitude and says "thank you", it is important to recognize this and respond. It is also important to keep your response informal so something like "it was the least that I could do.

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To be technical, since 'a lot' is singular and 'lots' is plural, the latter would imply more thanks than the former. However, I doubt many people would make this inference were you to use either one. Also, the production of the sounds in 'thanks a lot' is easier because of the 's' sound running smoothly into the 'æ' vowel sound while 'thanks lots' calls for an uncomfortable stop between the.

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Usage of "Thanks a Lot" "Thanks a lot" can be used in various contexts, both formal and informal. Let's explore some of the common situations where this phrase is used: 1. Informal Conversations. In casual conversations among friends, family members, or colleagues, "thanks a lot" is often used to express gratitude for a favor, a.

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thanks a lot. An emphatic thanks. Usage notes [edit] Often said sarcastically, and considered to be primarily sarcastic in certain dialects. Synonyms [edit] many thanks, thanks a bunch, thanks a million; see also Thesaurus:thank you; Translations [edit]

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Thanks a lot is the ordinary use in conversation, or bare thanks! Many thanks is more frequent in writing, particularly in formal writing. Thanks much is unusual. Here's a Google NGram. Keep in mind that the underlying corpus here is printed works, so the more formal phrase is significantly overrepresented.

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The word thanks is a noun and interjection both. 'Thank' is verb. But when you say thanks a lot it shows as an interjection on WordWeb. It's interesting. The meaning of the word ' thanks (n, inter) and 'thank (v) '. The meaning of the phrase ' thanks a lot (inter) ', which means emphasized thank you or an ironic thank you.

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The phrase "Thank you a lot" is utilized to display heartfelt gratitude or appreciation. The "a lot" portion of this idiom is an amplification of the gratitude expressed, essentially communicating the notion of "Thank you very much" or "Thank you so much." Though this phrase is typically used with sincerity, being in the know about its context.