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cancel it at anytime. Otherwise the Upgrade & Protect service will continue until: the DPC for your Registered Device expires or is terminated; you enter a new DPC for an upgrade or replacement device as part of the Upgrade & Protect service; or it is otherwise terminated in accordance with Our Customer Terms. Credit Assessment

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After spending hours upon hours in the Telstra store I have now been told that I don't qualify to upgrade my phone through the upgrade and protect scheme due to a technicality; Each month when I get a notification from Telstra saying my automatic monthly payment, as I don't keep the funds available in my account however each month when I.

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Upgrade & Protect can only be added in the checkout when taking up a new phone or tablet on a 24- or 36-month device payment contract with a month-to-month plan.. Apple have drawn a line in the sand and said that ACL claims after 24 months are not valid. Yes, if Telstra or the customer chooses to escalate this to Apple they must consider a.

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It allows you to either upgrade your phone or get the screen replaced (fees involved in these) twice in any 2 month period. Good if you are a Clutz or like to upgrade your phone more often. see Upgrade and Protect - Critical Information Summary ( for details. 1. Reply.

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Upgrade & Protect is a $15 per month add-on that lets you return your phone or tablet to Telstra and upgrade at any time, regardless of the condition it's in. All further handset repayments are waived, but you'll need to immediately commit to buying a new device on a 24-month term.

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Full terms and conditions on Telstra's Upgrade and Protect plan is available on the company's website here.. Galaxy S20+, samsung, telstra, Telstra Plans, telstra upgrade and protect.

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And interestingly, Telstra in the last few months added in a disclaimer online, 'a new credit assessment will need to be performed' under the Upgrade and Protect option. This was not present, nor explained to me at time of purchase, with the flexibility to change plans highlighted as a key aspect.

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Telstra has sought to appeal to consumers who frequently break their devices, with the launch of a new 'Upgrade and Protect' add-on service plan. The paid subscription allows consumers to upgrade or replace a Telstra mobile or tablet that was purchased on a 24 or 36 month Device Payment Contract (DPC), with a new month-to-month consumer.

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Changes to these terms and conditions and to your Telstra TV features. 30. We and our licensors reserve the right to update the Software and from time to time we may provide updates to your Telstra TV via the internet, including bug fixes and updates that may add, change or remove functionalities and features. 31.

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It may still be eligible for a Damaged Device Upgrade for a higher redemption fee, provided it is not IMEI blocked and meets the other redemption requires set out in the full terms and conditions in Our Customer Terms. I have StayConnected Advanced, New Phone and Tablet Feeling or Mobile Swap Assure

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Telstra partner store worker here, Upgrade and Protect is stupidly good value on the Z range IMO and I'll back it up any day of the week. $15 a month coverage you can remove if you change your mind later, $99 or $0 early upgrades while in contract if your handset is in good working order, or $249 for a brand new replacement and / or upgrade if damaged.

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The following redemption fees apply, provided your Registered Device is not IMEI blocked: • $99 if your device is returned unlocked and in undamaged and good working order; • $0 if your device is returned unlocked and in undamaged and good working order and you are in the last 12 months of your device contract; and.


Telstra Upgrade & Protect $15/Month. Telstra Upgrade & Protect. $15. /Month. So Telstra offer the $15/month upgrade and protect plan. I am thinking of getting s23 ultra 512gb on 36 month plan. So yearly it is 750 (phone) +180 (U&P) + $99 (early upgrade) = $1029. Is paying $1029 to telstra every year worth it to have the latest and best samsung.

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Refer to the full terms and conditions in Our Customer Terms and the Critical Information Summary you received before you signed up for Upgrade & Protect.. No, Upgrade & Protect can be removed at any time in My Telstra. If you cancel Upgrade & Protect part way through your month, you'll continue to be covered for the period that you've.

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So basically when you pay them $15 per month extra on your monthly bill and you can have this "upgrade and protect" option. But when you trade your old phone, it'll restart all your repayments back to 0, lose all your old phones value and then get a new phone for you to repay again in 12 or 24 months. 🤦‍♂️. What a scam.

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Learn how you can upgrade your existing Telstra phone or plan and get the latest mobile phone on Australia's largest network today. Publisher: Telstra Name:. Upgrade to the latest tech, swap a damaged device or replace your screen. If you already have Upgrade & Protect learn how to redeem.