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Sarah & Jason's kitchen “Simple Genius”

The Block hallway week almost breaks the contestants. 1 of 16. By Homes September 23, 2017 - 3:30PM. Just last week, Sarah and Jason were fighting to stay in the competition after Scotty Cam delivered the ultimatum — finish their master suite and kitchen in one week or leave the competition. This week, the couple have worked full steam ahead.

Sarah and Jason at breaking point

Jason and Sarah had a tumultuous time on The Block Jason, 46, paid tribute to his wife for getting their team over the line. "Today is a true testament to Sarah's hard work and design," he says.

Battler couple to take on period home renovation in Elsternwick for Channel 9 series Leader

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Sarah & Jason “It’s been a challenging few years”

The Block's battler couple, Jason, 46, and Sarah, 45, have been doing it tough for the past few years.Not only did the liquidation of their business bring them to their knees financially, the mum and dad contestants from Victoria also had to contend with Jason's serious back injury, which saw the plumber laid up in bed for six months.

Sarah & Jason The best Block comeback ever!

The Block's Jason and Sarah received the lowest score in history of the show for their master suite room reveal — three zeros — in what they described as a "week from hell." Deals of the.

Sarah & Jason The best Block comeback ever!

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Do Jason and Sarah Deserve to Be Kicked Off The Block? POPSUGAR Celebrity Australia

JASON and Sarah have stayed on The Block after what judge Neale Whitaker called "the best comeback ever" on the renovation reality show. Colin Vickery National TV Writer. 2 min read.

The Block’s Jason and Sarah are in hot water after being publicly slammed Nova 969

Unlike the other contestants, both Jason and Sarah returned to their day jobs after the show; Jason is a plumber whilst Sarah is a nurse. View this post on Instagram A post shared by.

The Block 2017 Living and Dining Reveals

Dylan and Jenny have had an incredible year since their wedding. Their one-year anniversary video documented their honeymoon in Bali, a "second honeymoon" in Europe and of course, their pregnancy announcement in January 2024. Among the many congratulating the pair on the milestone was 2022 Block castmate Sarah-Jane Calleja.. She commented: "Ahhhh so beautiful".

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Fans are not happy! - by Natasha Price. 30 Oct 2017. Channel 9. The Block's controversial couple Jason and Sarah walked away with $ 387,000 but fans aren't happy with the outcome. Last nights finale saw young guns Josh and Elyse pocket a huge $ 447,000 from the sale of their Elsternwick home, plus an extra $100,000 for taking out the competition.

The block's jason and sarah blame terror fears for unfinished room YouTube

On The Block this week all eyes were on Jason and Sarah after Scotty Cam told them to quite literally "go hard or go home." Find out how they miraculously managed to stay in the competition.. Jason and Sarah made Block history this week, producing four functional and stylish spaces in the space of a week and avoiding disqualification.

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Jason and Sarah are officially the Block's comeback heroes with their rise from triple zero to second place, all in the space of one week.. Jason and Sarah's kitchen impressed the judges so much that they landed second place with 28.5 points, just one-and-a-half points behind perfect scorers Josh and Elyse..

The Block's Jason and Sarah say they're on the brink of splitting Nova 969

Hayden and Sara Vale surprised everyone when they won the 14th season of The Block in 2018, despite scoring low throughout the competition. A lot has happened for the couple in the years since.

Gallery Jason and Sarahs bedroom The Block Extras Season 13, Exclusive Content

12 Sep 2017. Channel 9. After a miserable finish to their Master Suite, Sarah and Jason were left stunned. They faced the ultimate be all or end all after the pair did not present the room. Scotty made it clear that they must finish the challenge or be eliminated from the show! But despite the major fail, the pair are staying strong with Sarah.

The Block's Jason sheds a whopping 24kg Daily Mail Online

Melbourne's Josh and Elyse ended up winning the master suite reveal with a score of 28.5, followed by Ronnie and Georgia on 28, Clint and Hannah on 25, and Sticks and Wombat on 24.5. Jason and.

The Block's Sarah and Jason on the rocks TV WEEK

Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer are shocked that Sarah and Jason gave up on their room. Home; Live TV; Categories; Connect Your TV. The judges walk through Jason and Sarah's unfinished master suite The Block Season 13. Exclusive: The highs and lows of the Block . 2 MIN.