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Pronunciation of Cheyenne with 15 audio pronunciations, 8 synonyms, 4 meanings, 4 translations, 62 sentences and more for Cheyenne.. Money Heist cast actual and screen name-John Dennis G.Thomas. 19 Swedish-Gloria Mary. 30 Popular quizzes Joe Biden 10 Questions. 1988 Attempts. Selena Gomez 10.

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Cheyenne pronunciation. How to say Cheyenne. Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. Learn more.


Sometimes. Also Used: IPA symbol: Cheyenne pronunciation: h. x, ch. h ~ x. Before a vowel, it is pronounced like the h in English hay. Before a consonant, most Cheyenne speakers pronounce the h more raspily, like the j in jalapeño.

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This video shows you how to pronounce Cheyenne. Record your own pronunciation, view the origin, meaning, and history of the name Cheyenne: https://www.names..

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The proper way to pronounce Cheyenne is "shy-EEN." The name Cheyenne is of Native American origin, and it is said to mean "red speaker."

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Definition of Cheyenne. the capital and largest city of Wyoming; located in the southeastern corner of the state. the Algonquian language spoken by the Cheyenne. a member of a North American Indian people living on the western plains (now living in Oklahoma and Montana)

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A submission from Virginia, U.S. says the name Cheyenne means "beautiful inside and out" and is of English origin. According to a user from New Jersey, U.S., the name Cheyenne means "Mother of Dakota". A submission from Indiana, U.S. says the name Cheyenne means "Seizing by the heel" and is of American origin. Search for more names by meaning .

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Hear more names of Native American peoples pronounced: how to say C.

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Cheyenne (given name) Uncertain; used to describe the Cheyenne, an American indigenous people of the Great Plains. Cheyenne (IPA: /ʃaɪˈæn/) is a unisex name of Lakota origin, though it is more commonly used by females than males. The origin of the word is uncertain, though it may be derived from the Lakota language, from the word Šahíyena.

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Pronunciation of CHEYENNE with 1 audio pronunciation, 1 meaning and more for CHEYENNE. How to say CHEYENNE in English? Pronunciation of CHEYENNE with 1 audio pronunciation, 1 meaning and more for CHEYENNE.. Money Heist cast actual and screen name-John Dennis G.Thomas. 19 Hispanic celebrities and sports-persons-Gloria Mary. 30 Celebrities.

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Listen and learn how to say Cheyenne correctly with Julien, "how do you pronounce" free pronunciation audio/video tutorials.About the word/name Cheyenne, mea.

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Cheyenne Origin and Meaning. The name Cheyenne is a girl's name of Sioux origin meaning "people of a different language". The name of a courageous tribe, Cheyenne became quite popular in the 1990s, inspiring a wide range of spelling variations—Shyanne is one example that's still on the rise. Cheyenne Rank in US Top 1000.

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Pronunciation of Cheyenne. Cheyenne is pronounced as sh ay eh n. sh. is pronounced as. sh. in ship. ay. is pronounced as. ie.

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Cheyenne is written with just 14 letters of the Latin alphabet which can be combined together to make some very long words. Cheyenne alphabet. Download an alphabet chart for Cheyenne (Excel) Notes. Between e and t, h is pronounced [s], and between e and k it's pronounced [ʃ]. Before e t is pronounced [ʦ] Some examples of Cheyenne

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For instance, the Cheyenne word meaning "Cheyenne persons" is spelled as Tsetsėhestȧhese in the official Northern Cheyenne alphabet. That is almost impossible for someone to read correctly unless they have studied Cheyenne spelling for a long time. A traditional spelling as Tsitsistas is easier to read and pronounce correctly.

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Pronunciation of names, in fact, any spoken word, involves the participation of various parts of the mouth, vocal cord, nose, and lungs. Underneath all the sounds we make is the airstream flowing from the lungs and moving up to the mouth.. The name Cheyenne represents the Lakota tribe and has a beautiful meaning attached to it. So, parents.