A Complete Guide to Surfing the Mentawai Islands Best Surf Destinations

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The Mentawai fast ferry is one the most common modes of transportation that serves the Mentawai Islands. The fast ferry is a popular means of travel for both tourists and locals, providing a faster and more efficient way to reach the Mentawai Islands compared to traditional boats or the slow ferry options that take over 12 hours.

A Complete Guide to Surfing the Mentawai Islands Best Surf Destinations

The four Mentawai Islands have a basic, nascent tourism scene, so when it comes to things to do, remember that this isn't Bali. You're most likely to land on Siberut Island, a bio-reserve. Be respectful of the local tribes and leave only footprints. #1 Meet a Mentawai tribe. Organised tours of Mentawai are loudly marketed in Bukittinggi.

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The Northern Mentawai Islands are a remote paradise. Oscar sits down with you to explain everything you need to know about taking on this perilous journey to.

How to get to the Mentawai Islands? Directions to Aloita Resort

But if you want to see the beautiful sunrise and sunset views, meet the unique primates in their natural habitat, and to meet the Mentawai people, including the famous shamans called Sikerei, you have to be prepared to rough it somewhat. Tips: bring flashlights, toilet paper, float vests, snorkeling equipment and fins.

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The Mentawai Fast Ferry will depart at 0730am from the harbor and arrive directly in front of Kandui Resort around 1030am. Our team will be waiting with our boats to transfer you to the island where our management team will be waiting. Lunch will be ready shortly after and our team will walk you through what to expect during your holiday.

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In general, the Mentawais is more expensive than other parts of Indonesia, but for good reason. For surf charters, expect roughly $1500 - $4000 for 10-14 nights. If you're paying less than $1500 for a 10 night stay, be suspicious. Land camps and resorts vary hugely.


The steps to getting to Mentawai. Everything you need to know about your journey to Mentawai and Villa Onu. Contact Us. Step 1 - Fly to Padang. Step 2 - Overnight stay in Padang. Step 3 - Fast Ferry from Padang To Tuapajet. Step 4 - Speedboat from Tuapajet to Villa Onu. Our Transfer Services.

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2.1 Pack essentials and medication. 2.2 Make sure you have travel Insurance. 2.3 Book your hotel in Padang. 2.4 Withdraw some cash. 3 Flight options from Bali to Mentawai. 4 Flying with surfboards from Bali to Mentawai. 4.1 Garuda Indonesia Surfboard Fees. 4.2 Citilink Surfboard Fees. 4.3 Batik Air Surfboard Fees.

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Getting to the Mentawai Islands. There are three ways to reach the Mentawai Islands- by fast ferry, by slow ferry, and by charter flight. Fast ferry. The most popular way to reach the Mentawai Islands is by ferry from Padang, the capital of West Sumatra. Your starting point is Mentawai Fast Ferry Harbour, located at the mouth of the Batang Arau.

How to get to the Mentawai Islands? Directions to Aloita Resort

Mentawai Islands. The Mentawai islands are a chain of islands in Indonesia off the western coast of Sumatra, recognized as having some of the most perfect surfing breaks in the world. However, because most waves break over very sharp and shallow coral reefs, only experienced surfers should attempt them. Surfer riding the waves of Mentawai.

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Mentawai Islands. Indonesia, Asia. While surfers have long flocked to the Mentawai Islands for its legendary waves, it's a destination that will also have a far-flung appeal to independent travellers, in particular for those wanting to meet the island's tattooed hunter-gatherer tribes. The islands' pristine beaches are also magnificent and as.

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Steps to get to Aloita Resort. Getting to Padang. Getting to the Mentawais (3 and half hours by Mentawai Fast ferry) Getting to Aloita Resort (15 minutes by our private speedboat) Currently the best way to get to Padang ( airport code: PDG) is to fly from Jakarta (with Garuda, Citylink, Batik Air or Lion Air) or Kuala Lumpur (with Air Asia).

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Mentawai Fast Boat. The fast boat is a ferry which takes around 3-6 hours (depending on the day) and departs for Siberut - expect to pay around $22 one way + roughly the same for board bags (although this it tiered on weight and that's up to 16kg). Tuesday and Saturday departs Padang @ 7am, with a 6 hour journey.

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nice comfortable shorts for when you come in and want to be dry. Tee shirts you can use for surfing or hanging out. Long sleeves, light color tee to keep the sun off and bugs in the evening. Your only long pants, jacket and shoes should be your travel gear. Sunglasses - polarized, must be sun protective, not cheap.

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To take the ferry, you'll spend the evening in Padang before departing in the morning for the resort. The ferry takes about three and a half hours plus the speedboat for another hour and a half and costs $300 per person for surfers and $270 for non-surfers. The ferry offers passengers AC, clean bathrooms, and snacks.

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Mentawai Fast Ferry Schedule: Muaro Harbour Padang to Tuapejat: Departures every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 06:00 to 09:30, with a travel time of 3.5 hours. Muaro Harbour Padang - Sikabaluan - Siberut: Departures on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 07:00. Arrives in Sikabaluan at 10:00 and Siberut at 12:30, with a total travel time of 5.5.