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How To Tell If Your Ray Bans Are Real Then you need to be sure to check the information on the

2. Check the Lenses. (Image credit: @itsmekellieb) One of the best ways to tell if Ray-Bans are real is to lightly tap the lenses. True Ray-Bans are always made with glass, whereas knockoffs are frequently crafted with plastic, which will feel, sound, and reflect light differently than the real deal. Ray-Ban.

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The letters 'R.B' can be found under the clear resin on the oval shaped nose pad. Check the position, size & shape carefully. The word 'Ray-Ban' followed by the size code are located on the underside of the metal nose bar. Check that the code matches the size code detailed on the inside left temple arm. How do you know if the Ray-Ban Aviator.

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7. Logo: Take off your glasses and look at them from the side. There should be a cursive "Ray-Ban" logo on the temple portion of the glasses. The print should be cleanly and obviously embedded in the arm of the glasses. If the logo seems cheap, uneven, or it's a sticker, your glasses are likely a knock off.

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Here are a few tried-and-true methods for identifying a scam listing: Seller: Check the seller's contact information to ensure it matches. For example, if the seller's name is Jamie White, but the email address is [email protected], you should be suspicious. Price Tag: Ray-Bans are expensive.

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Cheap hinges are usually a dead giveaway the sunglasses are fake. Typically, real Ray-Ban hinges are cleanly bolted to the frames with two metal rivets on the front and a further two on the side. They are never glued on, and if you see glue or gum spilling or seeping anywhere, this can be a sign of a fake.

How to Tell If RayBans Are Real Who What Wear

Frame. An authentic Ray-Bans has a clear nose pad, while a fake one has a foggy, jelly-like, and translucent nose pad. A fake Ray-Ban sunglasses may or may not have an etching behind the nose pad or the pad arms, while an original Ray-Ban has an etching on the pad arms where the RB's font is the same as the RB on the Ray-Ban emblem on the lens.

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Episode 1 - Wayfarer: An in-depth look at the points of identification to confirm that your B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarers are the real deal. For time log of each ide.

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The original Ray Ban lettering is printed on the lens with white color. If it can be scratched off with your fingernail, then it is a fake — which is one of the best ways to tell fake or genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses. An additional "P" behind the lettering means that the glasses are polarized. You can see the polarization by looking at the.

How to Tell If RayBans Are Real Who What Wear

Printing. Raise your arms and make sure that the prints are centered. Many real ones can appear slightly off-center, but they should be close to the center. 4. Logo. Check out the Ray-Ban logo as well. Ray-Ban places one logo (a subtle 'RB') on the glasses' left lens and one on the right.

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2. Examine the logo. A surefire way to tell whether Ray-Ban sunglasses are fake is by looking at the logo placement. Most counterfeit Ray-Bans will have the logo placed on the left lens. Original Ray-Bans always place the logo on the upper corner of the right lens. Pharrell Williams wears genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses with unmistakable frames.

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You'll find a white Ray-Ban logo on the lens (top-right corner). Authentic: "RayBan" inscription has the correct thickness, appearing thicker. Fake: Letters in the "RayBan" logo are too thin compared to those on authentic pairs. A quick mention: The steps we've written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item.

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If the etching is missing, a low quality or painted on, the glasses will be fake. Other signs to spot a fake pair of Ray-Bans include the packaging and how they are boxed to ship. The information on the label should correspond with the sunglasses and come boxed with a large white shipping label. Authentic Ray-Bans will come with a small booklet.

5 Facts That Tell You Difference Between ‘A Real And A Fake’ RAYBAN Sun Glasses

The lenses: The right-side lens should have the distinctive, cursive-lettered Ray-Ban logo near the top right corner. Inspect the lettering under a magnifying glass: It should be crisp and clean. Fakes are often messy and jagged. The left-side lens should have the letters RB etched into it — not painted or glued on.

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2) Code cracker. The ray-ban sticker on the outside of the box should tell you a few things in order to be correct. The manufacturer's name (Luxottica) The model. Colour code of your ray-ban glasses. Size. Then you need to be sure to check the information on the arms of the sunglasses. The left arm will usually have the model information.

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Ray-Ban often etches 'RB' onto their glass lenses. Run your fingers over the lens. If you can feel the etching, chances are you've got glass. The Prescription Path. If you've got prescription Ray-Bans, it's more likely that they're plastic, simply because it's easier to adjust plastic lenses to custom prescriptions. The Verdict

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Between this, the steel bars, strong hinges and scratch-resistant lenses, real Ray Bans just feel so much more durable and hefty than fake Ray Bans. Even if the fakes have all the naming and serial numbers on them and even the polarized done to the lenses, you can easily tell the difference between real and fake. Avoid the Chinese sites like.