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However when Lean and Ash's house failed to sell, the pair have now been forced to drop the price, which has now reduced from $3.2m to $3.125m in a bid to offload it to a buyer in the New Year.. Leah and Ash, House 2: Reserve of $2.97 million not met, passed in at auction. MORE: Who won The Block 2023 and why? Fans and experts react . The.

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Leah and Ash finally sell their "Psyche-Deco" home from The Block 2023. A bold sense of design wasn't the only loud thing about this Queensland couple. As experienced renovators, Brisbane-based couple Leah and Ash strutted on to The Block 2023 keen to push the boundaries wherever possible. And their unique "Psyche-Deco" design aesthetic.

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Posted Sun 5 Nov 2023 at 5:50pm, updated Sun 5 Nov 2023 at 6:22pm. Steph and Gian set a series record by winning over $1.7 million in prize money on The Block. (Instagram: @theblock) abc.net.au.

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By Ellen Lutton. February 27, 2024. Leah and Ash have finally sold their house from The Block 2023 and netted themselves $155,000 profit, nearly four months after last year's record-breaking.

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EXCLUSIVE: Leah and Ash's The Block home has finally sold, three months after it was passed in during auction House 2 has sold for $3.125 million with Leah and Ash taking home $155,000 and a Ford Mustang. Plus, they finish third in the competition behind House 4 and House 5.

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Lifestyle Team. It's now been six weeks since The Block 's live auction and Leah and Ash's House 2 in Melbourne's Hampton East still remains unsold with a noticeable lack of potential buyers. Things have now gone from bad to worse for the pair with their potential at turning an impressive profit on the property looking less likely by the day.

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Updated 5 November 2023 · 11-min read. Leah and Ash probably delivered the most unique property on The Block 2023, and also took home the Mustang in the final week of competition, however their house was passed in at auction. The reserve price was $2,970,000, and after bidding stalled at $2,900,000 they decided passing in was the best choice.

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Leah and Ash February 2024 Update:. The firefighter and teacher's aide from Perth had a reserve price of $2.97 million, with the house eventually selling for $3.1 million. They took home $130,000.

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The Block's Leah and Ash reveal major secret from auction day. It was reported just a few days after the finale that House 2 was set to sell for $3.1 million, meaning Leah and Ash would tie for third place with Kyle and Leslie and receive $130,000 profit. However, Yahoo Lifestyle can exclusively reveal that Leah and Ash's property has since.

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Luckily they didn't pick house 4, they would've ruined it. This house is shocker! House has not sold as of yet from what I find. Not really feeling sorry for them, they got a Mustang out of it. They aren't going to get 3.2mil if the average price in the area is 1.6mil. They build unrealistic homes just for tv.

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Hearts sank as Leah and Ash failed to sell their house during The Block 2023 auction. After they failed to attract a bidder over their $2,970,000, the couple scrambled to instruct their agent to pass in the property. Stream the latest episodes of The Block for free on 9Now.

The Block 2023 Leah and Ash Officially Sell Block House WHO Magazine

EXCLUSIVE: "The biggest relief ever." That's how Leah and Ash described the feeling of finally selling their Block house three months after it was passed in at auction.. It was confirmed on Wednesday that House 2 sold for $3.125 million, with Leah and Ash taking home $155,000 while placing third in the competition behind Houses 4 and 5.

The Block 2023 Leah and Ash Officially Sell Block House WHO Magazine

A sale price of $3.1 million would tie Leah and Ash for third place with Kyle and Lesley of House 1, whose property sold under the hammer during the finale for $3.1 million, netting them $130,000.

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Yes, Leah and Ash's house has finally sold three months after auction. In February 2023, House 2 sold for $3.125 million with Leah and Ash taking home $155,000 and a Ford Mustang. Plus, they finish third in the competition behind House 4 and House 5. "We can confirm that House 2 from The Block 2023 in Hampton East has been sold to a family that.

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The unnamed tradie said he believes that Leah and Ash's house will eventually sell, but doesn't necessarily think it will happen soon. "2022 contestants Dylan and Jenny didn't sell their house until February 2023 and it would seem Leah and Ash may also be looking at a similar wait," he added. "The property will sell but for House 2 their Block journey is still far from over."

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It was the hot property that failed to sell during the Block's dramatic auction in November. Now fans have taken to Reddit to point out a morbid detail about Leah and Ash's House 2 in Melbourne's.