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But what if we want to clear a command shell/terminal screen in Python while running a python script? To do so, we need to write our own code/program. One of the methods to clear the shell/terminal is by using the clear command with the help of os.system() method. Let's understand how to clear screen in python using the clear command.

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Keyboard Shortcut. But is there a simpler way, after all, who wants to write such a long stream of strings to clear the screen. Command + L. Ctrl + L. Now this made me think if I can hook a script that adds a clear command to Python IDLE which I will be working on next. Subscribe to stay tuned. 2.

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Run the above command in your terminal to clear the screen. Method 2: Using the subprocess module. The subprocess module provides a way to run shell commands from within your Python code. To clear the console in Python.

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This is the best way of clearing the screen in Python. It uses the built-in os library to the system to clear the screen: import os. os.system('clear') Above, the os library is imported so that it can be used. It is then used to issue the 'clear' command to the system. Easy!

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In such case we need to put some commands in the python script which will clear the screen as and when needed by the program. We need the system() from the OS module of python to clear up the screen. For different platforms like windows and Linux we need to pass different commands as shown in the example below. Also we use the.

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This command will instantly clear the screen, as you can see in the below image: For Linux Users. Linux also has a command to clear screen in Python easily, so use the following command to do it: $ clear. Remember there is no specific function, built-in keywords, etc., available to clear the screen. That's why users need to clear the screen.

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Bonus One-Liner Method 5: Using the 'clear' command directly. If you are working within a Unix/Linux terminal, a one-liner Python command can invoke the clear screen functionality using just the shell. Here's an example: print("[c", end="") Output: The terminal screen will be cleared.

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But it is difficult to work on messy code and outputs, so we need a clear screen. If you have ever worked on C++, the function that helps us achieve this goal is clrscr (). If we are working on an interactive shell, we can quickly clear the output by simply pressing 'Ctrl + L.'. But when we are working on IDLE, command prompt, or Linux.

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Example 2: Clear screen in Python using clear. You can also only "import os" instead of "from os import system" but with that, you have to change system('clear') to os.system('clear').

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It doesn't clear everything that has been printed by Python before the command is executed - Oskar Persson. Oct 14, 2013 at 11:45. its all about how the client terminal program honors the control message. On my linux machine, the screen will clear but my terminal emulator will not clear its history. - tdelaney. Oct 14, 2013 at.