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Ages: 7+ Players: 2-5 Playing Time: 15 Minutes Details: Exploding Kittens is a great game for adults and kids, just so long as they don't have a strange attachment to kittens. The game works by drawing cards, but if you pull an Exploding Kitten card, you've lost the game. Basically, "It's like UNO, except there are goats, magical enchiladas, and kittens that can kill you."

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Admittedly, the core gameplay of Monikers isn't too similar to that of Cards Against Humanity, but just like that game, Monikers is a great card game to break out at a party. In round one of Monikers, you must describe what's written on a card to your group without using any of the words on the card. Round two sees you restricted to just a.

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11. Game of Things. This game from PlayMonster is similar to the Cards Against Humanity game and is generally more family-friendly. Players take turns picking a card and reading it out loud. The rest of the players write down responses that come to mind on a pad of paper.

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9. Disturbed Friends ($25.00) "One unlucky player picks up a multiple choice question card and reads it out loud. The other players vote on what answer they think their friend will choose." As a bonus, the cards from this game look like what might happen if you were high and watching Donnie Darko at the same time. 10.

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28 OUTRAGEOUS Games similar to Cards Against Humanity to leave your friends CRYING with Laughter. Card Against Humanity is a simple party game guaranteed to cause laughs, and with such a simple premise, there's no surprise there are many games like Cards Against humanity too. With a vast deck of many different obscene and, at times, offensive.

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Disturbed Friends is a card game that is similar to Cards Against Humanity. Disturbed Friends is an online multiplayer game in which players must navigate a series of disturbing scenarios and make difficult decisions that reveal their true nature.. Whether you're looking for fast-paced humor or creative strategy, these 23 games like Cards.

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Here is the list of video games similar to Cards Against Humanity that are our recommendations. You can play these games like Cards Against Humanity on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, mac or even online. 18. Monopoly Deal. A lot of us have played the original Monopoly, but if you are looking for something more fast-paced, Monopoly.

Cards Against Humanity Hidden Card Explained DuoCards

The best games like Cards Against Humanity are a little bit subversive and a lot of fun, with a similar card-based format that's easy to master for a group of almost any size.

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The Game of Things is the least like Cards Against Humanity of all the games on this list, but it has the same kind of overall vibe while scratching a different kind of itch, so I'm including it.. Every round starts with one player as the Reader, who picks a prompt and reads it out loud. Everyone else writes a response and submits it to the Reader, who then reads each response out loud twice.

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The game is similar to Cards Against Humanity and is consistently funny no matter how many times you play. Each round, someone takes on the role of a customer, and then everyone must combine two cards to form the name of their new product. It's down to you to determine what exactly your invention is based on its name.

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Players: 4-10. Playing time: 30mins. Basically, Apples to Apples is the PG cousin of Cards Against Humanity. It's a tamer party card game that can be played by a younger crowd. Whereas in Cards Against Humanity, the goal is to complete a sentence, in Apples to Apples you're essentially matching nouns to adjectives.

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This game takes the traditional card game formula and launches it into a universe filled with explosive cats, taco cats, and beard-laden felines. Its unique, combustible cat cards add a surprising twist, guaranteeing no two games are remotely similar. It's like Uno with an unexpected bang. EDITOR'S PICK. 5.

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Snake Oil. Step right up and give your best sales pitch in this clever game of picky customers and ridiculous products. Each turn, one player draws a customer card that casts them as a cheerleader.

Cards Against Humanity Hidden Card Explained DuoCards

8. Drunk Stoned or Stupid. This game is like if high school superlatives were combined with a comedy roast. Players draw a card with a situation like "wake up with half a burrito in bed" and, after a group discussion, the rotating judge chooses which person would be most likely to do that thing or be in that situation.

Cards Against Humanity Review Board Game Quest

2. Apples to Apples. Number of players: 4-10. Apples to Apples is a classic party game that is also very similar to Cards Against Humanity. In this game, players have to match nouns with adjectives to create funny and sometimes outrageous combinations. The judge then decides which pairing is the best.

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Doodle Master. A game similar both to Pictionary and to Cards Against Humanity, Doodle Master is billed as "the adult game of endless drawings" and it is the perfect addition to your adult game nights. The premise of the game is that there are two decks of cards - one deck of character cards and one deck of action cards.