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The average NBA vertical jump is approximately 28 inches (71 cm). However, vertical leaps can vary among players and positions. However, vertical leaps can vary among players and positions. The average vertical jump has increased over the years, with the average in the 2022/2023 season reported as 39.4 inches.

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Below is a look at the average, highest, and lowest verticals from a couple of NBA Combines. Because the NBA Combine has a much smaller number of total athletes tested, there is date for 2 years to get a larger sample size. *Note that the NBA tests both standing vertical leap and max vertical leap. We are only looking at data for standing.

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NBA Players' Vertical Leap Measurements. A player's vertical leap is crucial to their play style. A higher vertical jump can allow a person to dunk or get much closer to the basket, increasing the percentage of making a shot.. The average NBA player holds a shoe size of about 13 or 14, but you also have the outliers like Shaq, who wore.

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The Range. On average, NBA players have a vertical jump ranging from 28 inches to 34 inches. However, these numbers can vary widely. Some elite players can jump well above this range, reaching astonishing heights of 40 inches or more.

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Multiple sources reveal that the Average Vertical Jump For Women is anything between 12-16 inches. Those same sources also reveal that the Average Vertical Jump For Men is anything between 16-20 inches. Naturally, there will always be exceptions that make the rule. There will always be boys and girls with remarkable genes that have the capacity.

NBA Highest Vertical Jumps Ever Recorded YouTube

Considered by many to be the best NBA dunker in the game today. Zach LaVine enters the 2021-22 NBA season with a maximum vertical leap of 46 inches. Dennis Smith Jr. One of the few players who can say they have matched Michael Jordan's max vertical leap record of 48 inches. Keon Johnson.

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Keep in mind the average NBA vertical jump is only 28 inches. Michael and Darrell had a 20 inch jumping advantage over most of their competition. That really puts it into perspective. Michael Jordan and Darrell Griffith share the crown for the highest vertical in NBA history at 48 inches!

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The top 5 vertical jump (no step) results from the 2006 NBA draft camp were 37.5 inches Dwayne Mitchell, 35.0 Ronnie Brewer, 35.0 Curtis Withers, 35.0 Will Blalock, and 34.5 David Noel. (see more NBA draft results). The average NBA vertical leap is 28" (71 cm). Below is a list of some of the reported top scores by a variety of NBA players.

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NBA Draft Records: Vertical Running.. According to a concept called 'Hang time', the force generated in a jump by an average human lifts him into the air for 0,53 seconds. That February 7, His Highness doubled this figure, rising just over a meter above the ground. The TED-Ed portal then pointed out that if this mate had taken place on the.

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Zach LaVine is entering the 2021-22 NBA season with a max vertical leap of 46 inches. #2 Dennis Smith Jr. Dennis Smith Jr. is one of the few who can say they have matched Michael Jordan's max.

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The average vertical leap of NBA players is approximately 28 inches. The average vertical leap of NBA players is a statistic that represents the average height an NBA player can jump vertically. It provides an estimate of the typical jumping ability among professional basketball players in the NBA. In this case, the average vertical leap is.

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In conclusion, the average true max vertical (if everyone tested honestly) in the nba is probably a few inches lower than 35" still. (Edit: post-script about the NFL — I personally think their measurements for standing vert are even more egregiously off than NBA vert measurements. Makes sense since the NFL combine results factor into draft.

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5. Jason Richardson - 46″. 6. James White - 46″. 7. Spud Webb - 46″. Spudd Webb Slam Dunk. At 5'7" Anthony 'Spud' Webb is one of the shortest players with the highest vertical jump in NBA history. He is an anomaly in that he makes acrobatic dunks and played 14 years in the NBA.

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According to Draft Express, the average max vertical of players at the NBA Combine has increased significantly over the past 10 years, especially at the point guard position. In 2004, the average.

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In the NBA, the average vertical jump is 28 inches. This means that an average NBA vertical jump is about 28 inches above the ground from a standing position. However, there is a wide range of vertical jumps in the NBA. Some players jump much higher than 28 inches, while others jump much lower.. The highest recorded vertical jump in NBA history is 48 inches.

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You must be able to dunk really easy considering the average NBA vertical is 71cm; RageNasian Jason (2016) Well considring he probably isnt 6'5 that still might be a challenge; Meme Jason (2016) Lol I thought NBA player would be 100cm at average. What a surprise. Never thought that my 72cm vertical jump is that impressive.