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Introduction. If you've reserved a number plate combination and you're now ready to register the plates to a vehicle, before they can get manufactured, you need to choose a plate style and pay the order fee on the myPlates website. Note: Any unused pro-rata annual fee will be used to calculate the payable amount.

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The cost of obtaining an auxiliary number plate is a one-off fee of $43. An auxiliary number plate can be ordered: in person at any Service NSW Service Centre or RMS Motor Registry. by calling Service NSW on 13 77 88. by calling MyPlates on 131 758 or visiting myplates.com.au.

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Rear Number Plate Requirements When Using A Bike Rack Posted on Wednesday, 28 October 2015 | Viewed: 23657. Some rear mounted bike carriers have built in plate mounting points and integrated auxiliary lights. Many don't have these inclusions, however, we have options ranging from a simple number plate holder to a full lightboard that plugs.

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Order auxiliary plates. Order number plates as a dealer with an agreement. Order a souvenir miniature numeral-only plate. Apply to collect number plates from another service centre. Replace, change or cancel.. Make a complaint about the content of a number plate. Related information.

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Auxiliary plates can only legally be used on cars or heavy vehicles with an existing number plate. For help call 02 9433 1600. The cost of an Auxiliary plate is $50. Auxiliary plates can be delivered to an address or picked up from a Service NSW centre. The cost to have an Auxiliary plate delivered to an address is $10+GST.

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† In Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory, you have the option to relocate your existing number plate rather than purchasing a separate bike plate. New South Wales (NSW) In NSW, mini number plates are referred to as auxiliary plates. Cost Auxiliary plates in NSW will cost you $45.00. Where to order

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Displaying number plates. Number plates need to be visible from up to 20 metres away. Find out how to display your number and auxiliary plates. east.

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In NSW, mini number plates are referred to as auxiliary plates. Auxiliary plates in NSW will cost you $44.00. NSW offers all the options for ordering your number plate. It's really easy:. Bike rack number plates in SA cost $22.00. Where to order In SA,.

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Any you need to know nearly bicycle rack number plates in Australia. Updated 28/01/2021. Imagine these: You've got your bike torture on the rear are insert car with your bikes loaded. You're driving along ready for an awesome day cycling available, any of a sudden, the police pull you over due a bike is blocking your number plate.

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To replace number plates online, you'll need your: name and contact details. driver licence number or customer number (if a business) number plate details. old number plates. payment. To replace number plates at a service centre, you'll need: the completed PDF form - 'Number Plates and/or Cancellation of Registration'. your proof of identity.

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NSW Auxiliary A supplementary plate to be displayed on a bike rack or other kind of racks displaying the duplicate number/alpha combination was introduced in October 1995, initially in black on off white non reflective and screenprinted legend as "NSW - BIKE RACK" . In 1998 it changed to black on reflective white, again on screenprinted legend.

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The numbers on number plates must be clearly visible from any point that is up to 20 metres from the number plate, and within an arc of 45 degrees from the surface of the number plate above or to either side of the vehicle. Number plates must be readable from a distance of at least 20m. Number plate covers must be clear, clean, untinted and.

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National Heavy Vehicle number plates (new or replacement: $29.20: Auxiliary (bike rack) number plates (new or replacement) $50: Personalised number plates: Varies depending on style and content. See myPlates or phone 02 9433 1600: Exchange number plates: $66: Reserve number plates (annual fee) $66 + any applicable special plate fees while they.

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The Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017 ( section 25) states that vehicle owners must permanently affix number plates NSW to their vehicles so that: The number plate is at all times: In an upright position that is substantially parallel to the vehicle's axles, and. Not more than 1.3 metres above ground level.

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Auxiliary Plates and Bike Racks. If driving with a bike rack on your vehicle that obscures your number plate, an auxiliary plate is needed. It is commonly thought that displaying a handwritten number plate is enough, however this is illegal. A clearly displayed handwritten number plate can still incur a fine and a loss of demerit points.

Opinion Does anyone actually like those yellow NSW number plates? Drive

your driver licence number or customer number (if a business) your NSW plate number; your payment. How to order. Select the 'Order online' button. Follow the prompts to order auxiliary plates. If you're unable to order online, call 13 77 88 or: Download and complete the form Number Plates and/or Cancellation of Registration - PDF.