Silicon Power Superior Pro UHSI U3 128GB SDXC Memory Card Review Camera Memory Speed

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Silicon Power Superior 1TB MicroSDXC UHS-I Memory Card Review. As smartphones get equipped with higher megapixel cameras (many feature 108MP sensors right now with 190MP+ around the corner) and even 8K video recording data storage requirements also increase which means that 64/128GB are nowhere near enough. A good example is a friend of mine.

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Silicon Power: MicroSD Card for Surveillance, Dashcams. 4K UHD, 100MB/s Read, 512GB. A1 Performance. Go Top. Hot Products. XPOWER Gaming Zone; PD/QC Power Bank Zone; Consumer Products. Plus, it includes an SD adapter for even more options, such as DSLR cameras and camcorders. Specifications. 3D TLC; Capacity; 32GB ~ 512GB; Interface; SD 3.0.

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UPDATE: 12/26/2023. We've reviewed our recommendations and these are still the best SD cards you can buy. Transcend 700S Memory Card. Best SD Card Overall. $41 at Amazon. SanDisk Extreme Pro Card. Best Budget SD Card. $15 at Amazon. Lexar Professional 2000x Card.

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Silicon Power provides B2B partners with full range of storage solutions, including high capacity SSDs up to 4TB, microSD cards, portable SSDs and gaming RAMs with free US shipping. 0 For wholesale pricing, please contact [email protected] / Free Shipping on orders over $50!

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This group included the Lexar Play , PNY Elite, PNY Premier-X, Samsung Pro Endurance, SanDisk High Endurance, SanDisk Ultra (for Chromebooks), SanDisk Ultra Plus, and Silicon Power Superior Pro.

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Crystal Disk Mark. The Silicon Power Superior Pro mSDXC UHSI 512GB SD card posted a respectable 94.80MB/s read speed, but a write speed of 46.4MB/s was a little bit of a letdown on the SEQ1M Q8T1 test. This simulates moving large files such as photos or videos from the card to a PC, saving a burst of photos from your DSLR to the card or writing.

32GB Silicon Power microSD Memory Card SDHC Class 10 w/ SD adapter (SP032GBSTH010V10SP) 40MB/sec

Those work fine, but the write speed isn't great at around 30-35MiB/s. It meets the v30 rating printed on the card, but higher end cards can do 70+. I can't find any benchmarks, but one reviewer on Amazon says that card performs about 10% faster than the Lexar Play, which is another slow writing card, so that's about what I'd expect.

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1. Silicon Power 3D NAND. View at Amazon. Best microSD Card Overall. With good overall performance and a low price, the Silicon Power 3D NAND range of microSD cards are a good choice for the.

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Silicon Power manages a rather large portfolio of solutions ranging from internal SSDs to external hard drives and memory cards. In mid-2011, SD 4.0 was introduced, offering speeds up to 312 MB/s.

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Best overall. Silicon Power A1. View at Amazon. The best MicroSD card overall The Silicon Power 1TB A1 microSD card offers solid performance with reasonable read and write speeds at a low price.

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Silicon Power Micro Sd cards My thoughts & update.. Silicon Power micro Sd cards are a excellent value and good quality for the price . They Comes in various.

Silicon Power Superior Pro UHSI U3 128GB SDXC Memory Card Review Camera Memory Speed

In terms of durability, the Silicon Power micro SD card has proven to be robust and reliable. It is resistant to water, temperature fluctuations, shocks, and X-rays, ensuring that my data remains safe and protected even in challenging environments.. Great value, good solid SDXC Memory Card. Works great for 4K Movie videos. Fast! Helpful.

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Beware Silicon Power micro sd cards, risks data corruption. EDIT: I ran h2testw on the micro sd before I started using it with my switch and it showed up fine. Also had a similar experience over the years with 3 other SP products. I bought a SP micro sd card for my switch & have been using it for about a month or so, but it's been a horrible.

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SanDisk Extreme Pro Micro Memory Card. Best SD Card for Steam Deck. $20 $25 Save $5. The Extreme Pro is a blazingly fast microSD card for the Steam Deck, capable of going toe to toe with built-in storage. $20 at Amazon.


Update 30th January, 2023: Pricing and availability have been updated. The 1TB Silicon Power Superior A1 microSD card is available to buy now for $89.99. It's worth pointing out again that the A1 rating is irrelevant for things like cameras, drones, etc.

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Bottom line: Silicon Power's Superior Pro 128GB microSDXC card is a great option for videographers and photographers who need steady performance. Grab it in 64GB or 128GB sizes. Grab it in 64GB or.