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4. Paul Newman. Actor | The Hustler. Screen legend, superstar, and the man with the most famous blue eyes in movie history, Paul Leonard Newman was born on January 26, 1925, in Cleveland, Ohio, the second son of Arthur Sigmund Newman (died 1950) and Theresa Fetsko (died 1982).

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Although there are a ton of actors, models, and other celebs who have blue eyes, which can make these colored eyes seem like a common asset (at least on television), not all that many people are lucky enough to boast baby blues. In fact, the most common eye color throughout the entire world is brown, according to an article in World Atlas..

Guys with Blue Eyes 15 Men with Blue Eyes WHO Magazine

Actors/Actresses with Beautiful Blue Eyes. 13. Taylor Swift Soundtrack | Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour . Taylor Alison Swift is a multi-Grammy award-winning American singer/songwriter who, in 2010 at the age of 20, became the youngest artist in history to win the Grammy Award for Album of the Year.

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hm. Credit-Facebook/Travis Fimmel. Travis Fimmel has immensely expressive blue eyes that reflect the passion and internal struggle in his role of Nordic leader Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings . His glassy stare after committing some grisly act of hyper brutality, his longing, hungry gaze as he sets off on another seaborne journey.

Guys with Blue Eyes 15 Men with Blue Eyes WHO Magazine

The Man Behind the Steel-Blue Eyes: The Incomparable Acting Skills of Michael Ealy. The secret behind the magic of Michael Ealy's performances lies in his unique ability to portray realistic, relatable characters. Each role he plays is more than just a character; it's a living, breathing person whose emotions, quirks, and complex layers are beautifully and vividly brought out by Ealy's.

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Angelina Jolie is a renowned American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian, celebrated for her extraordinary talent, blue eyes, striking beauty, and unwavering commitment to philanthropy. Born on June 4, 1975, in Los Angeles, California, she is the daughter of actor Jon Voight and actress Marcheline Bertrand, which provided her with a strong.

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7. Chris Pine. Chris Pine has been a top-of-the-range actor for many years now and he only seems to get hotter with time. His semi-long heart-shaped head and broad forehead match perfectly with his azure irises making him one of the hottest male celebrities out there. The thing is, his eyes appear light blue in color.

Favorite tall, blueeyed handsome Poll Results Hottest Actors Fanpop

Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie, an award-winning actress, philanthropist, and leader in all things humanitarian, has a beautiful head of dark hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. She is not just famous for being the ex-wife of Brad Pitt, but was the UNHCR ambassador for refugees the world over. She has worked tirelessly, and her popularity stretches.

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About half as many Americans have blue eyes as brown eyes.. Angelina Jolie is a very famous American actress, director, and humanitarian. Her name is no stranger to movie fans around the world.. Born under the Aries sun sign, Scott stands at 5 '11 and has one of the most spectacular pairs of blue eyes you will ever gaze upon. The actor.

Guys with Blue Eyes 15 Men with Blue Eyes WHO Magazine

3. Olivia Wilde. DFree/Shutterstock. Born with central heterochromia, Olivia Wilde has some dazzling eyes. The condition means the inner ring of the iris is different from that of the outer ring. So her inner ring is green but the outer is blue. This causes her eyes to often look like they are changing color.

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Chis Evans has starred in a number of movies ranging from Cellular to Fantastic Four to The Avengers. He consistently ranks as one of the most popular male actors in the world. Zac's eyes are blue. 3. Zac Efron. One of the most spectacular pair of blue eyes that you will ever see is on California born, Zac Efron.

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Blue eyed actors by gibibaby | created - 16 Aug 2013 | updated - 15 Feb 2014. 21 names 1. Chace Crawford Actor | The Covenant Christopher Chace Crawford was born in Lubbock, Texas, the son of Dana (Plott), a teacher, and Chris Wayne Crawford, a dermatologist.. Jared Leto is a very familiar face in recent film history. Although he has.

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Individuals with blue eyes are also considered graceful, highly intelligent, and tough with physical stamina. Here is a list of gorgeous celebrities and actresses with striking blue eyes. Undoubtedly, blue eyes instantly give the face a charm and attractive look, and we admire their beauty! Paris Hilton-.

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Actors/Actresses with Blue Eyes. 1. Mark Harmon. Thomas Mark Harmon was born on September 2, 1951, in Burbank, California, to football player and broadcaster Tom Harmon and actress and artist Elyse Knox (née Kornbrath). Harmon played college football and found success as one of TV's hunkiest actors.

Guys with Blue Eyes 15 Men with Blue Eyes WHO Magazine

Sam Heughan is an actor (born in Balmaclellan, Scotland) who made it to the top as Jamie Fraser in the drama television series — "Outlander.". Heughan has also played in Young Alexander the Great, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Heart of Lightness, To Olivia, and A Princess for Christmas. Here's a recap of the 50 celebrities with blue eyes.

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Published Sep. 27, 2008, 11:09 a.m. ET. Paul Newman, 83, the Hollywood icon with the famous blue eyes and killer grin who seduced audiences with six decades worth of rebels, rascals and moody romancers, died yesterday after a battle with cancer. He died in the farmhouse in Westport, Conn., where he lived with his wife Joanne Woodward, his.