New Harman EZ35 reusable 35mm film pointandshoot camera announced, available for preorder

Canon SureShot Zoom PointandShoot Rangefinder 35mm Film Camera with 3570mm f3.5 lens. Genuine

Olympus Mju II (Best 35mm Pont and Shoot Overall) This is hands-down the best 35mm point and shoot camera overall. The Olympus Mju II (aka Stylus Epic) is a fun camera and my personal pick from this bunch of the best point-and-shoot film cameras.

New Harman EZ35 reusable 35mm film pointandshoot camera announced, available for preorder

The film is supplied in sheets and has to be pre-loaded into holders for swapping plates out in the field. Every exposure is an occasion, but that's part of the charm (that and the extraordinary image quality) for fans of large format cameras. Round up of today's best deals. Kodak Portra 400 35mm. $21.90.

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It's hard this day and age to get away from plastic point & shoot cameras. One I've come to enjoy is the Canon Sure Shot 105 Zoom. The "popular" film photographers pedal point & shoots all the time as the greatest cameras money can buy, and there is an abundance of online auctions for plastic point and shoots.

Canon Sure Shot 35mm point and shoot film camera with 38 mm f/2.8 Lens

5. Konica Z-Up 70 Super Compact Date 35mm Film Camera. Buy Now. The fifth 35mm, automatic point and shoot film camera on our list is the Konica Z-Up 70. This compact, point and shoot camera has a 35-70mm zoom lens. It comes with a built in flash with red-eye reduction and an auto film advance for ease of us.

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Step into the world of retro-cool with The Canon AF35M II, the 35mm point-and-shoot sensation that's been stealing hearts since its debut in 1979. Nicknamed the "Autoboy", Canon's AF35M II 35mm film camera was a true pioneer in the realm of fully-automatic compact cameras. It's not just a camera; it's a legend, a trendsetter, and a shutter-happy joyride that'll have you snapping with style.

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Best for travel. 4. Panasonic Lumix ZS200. Check Amazon. Best for travel A powerful one-inch image sensor with 20.3MP resolution plus a 15x optical zoom make this a great point-and-shoot camera for taking on weekend trips or long vacations.

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The following model, the XA1, is a fixed-focus point and shoot with a 35mm f/4 lens, programmed auto exposure, limited film speed settings of ASA 100 and 400, and maximum 1/250th of a second shutter.

Yashica T4 Compact Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera w/ Carl Zeiss Tessar f3.5 35mm T* Lens by

Olympus Mju. Price Range: $80-$200. Everyone's favorite entry level point and shoot, the Olympus Mju, does it all within a budget-friendly package. Made from plastic with a nifty 35mm f/3.5 lens (which hides away when not in use), the Mju has grown in popularity in recent years as the camera to get started with in film photography. It comes.

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The 35 SP was preceded by the lesser-known 35 LE (auto only) and 35 LC (manual only) released in 1965 and 1967, respectively. Produced from 1969 to '72 the 35 SP is without question the crown jewel of the lineup. It retailed for an original price of 24,800 yen ($229.67) or 88,367 yen ($818.37) adjusted for inflation.

Ilford Sprite 35II reusable 35mm film pointandshoot camera officially announced, available

3. Leica Minilux. Leica is famous for their rangefinder film cameras, but they also manufactured some great point and shoots, such as the Leica Minilux. The Minilux is very similar to the Contax T2, all-metal body, exposure controls, and an incredibly sharp, high-quality lens.

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The Canon AF35ML is a compact point-and-shoot film camera released by Canon in July 1981. Some of you may know it by its popular nicknames, the Super Sure Shot or Autoboy Super.. Below are sample images shot using the Canon AF35ML and a mix of 35mm film types including Kodak Portra 400 and Kodak Gold 200. Image 1 of 3. Twilight hour on the.

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Yashica T4/T5 (Kyocera T-Proof) The Yashica T4 and T5 models, also known under Kyocera T-Proof, are celebrated for their sturdy build and sharp Carl Zeiss T* 35mm f/3.5 lenses. These cameras are compact, reliable, and offer outstanding image quality, capturing vivid and detailed photos with a rich depth of field.

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Point & Shoot. (243 products) Shop our range of Retro Point and Shoot Cameras, or 35mm Compact Cameras or Pocket Cameras. They are lightweight, compact and simple-to-use film cameras that feature an autofocus or fixed focus lens with some fully automatic models. They are the go-to camera for people who do not consider themselves photographers.

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Camera Type : Automatic 35mm point-and-shoot film camera Focus System : Near-infrared beam triangulation auto-focus system; pre-focus capable Lens : Two focal lengths - 40mm f/2.8 (4 elements in 3 groups) and 70mm f/4.9 (7 elements in 6 groups)

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Minox 35 EL - The Minox 35 EL is the smallest 35mm film camera in the world, which makes it perfect as a second camera or a travel, street, or night out point and shoot. It's also no slouch when it comes to image-making, offering auto-exposure, a fast 35mm F/2.8 lens, and creative controls by way of manual focus and aperture control.

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The Nikon L35AF is another excellent point-and-shoot camera that's stood the test of time. Released in 1983, this camera is a cult classic because of its Nikon 35mm f/2.8 lens. There's also a 46mm.