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2 The Two-Over-One Game Forcing System is a method of bidding in which a two-level response (non- jump) by the responder to a one level suit opening bid is forcing to game and guarantees enough points to make game opposite partner's minimum opening bid. There are only six possible auctions:

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A system can be called 2/1 if it meets two criteria and two only: 1. The response of 1NT to 1H or 1S is forcing (note: this, of course, says 5 card majors too) and 2. The Two Over One suit response is either: forcing to game (Hardy-style) or forcing to game unless responder rebids his/her suit (Lawrence-style). No more and no less.

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A Q 5. Two-Over-One GF (and "forcing" 1NT) - (continued) An important feature of the 2/1 GF system is to employ a 1NT bid (by an unpassed hand) in response to a major-suit opening bid as forcing (or semi-forcing) for one round. Unlike Standard American, this bid is not limited to 6 to 9 HCP. Normally, it shows 6 to 12 HCP.

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The "2/1" (two over one) rules require players to pay more attention to the seat order of the opener and responder and many 2/1 bids must be alerted. You must know when 2/1 rules apply and when they do not apply. There is much more to remember when using 2/1 rules compared to standard rules. I do not teach beginners how to play 2/1 because.

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General. 2 over 1 Game Forcing (2/1 GF) bids are the core of a modern approach to constructive bidding. The primary idea is that when partner opens at the 1-level and we bid a new suit at the 2-level (not a jump shift), this is a game forcing bid - meaning neither Opener nor Responder can play a contract below game.

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Introduction. One of the most popular bidding systems in North America is the 2-over-1 Forcing-to-Game system. It's based on Standard American with 5-card majors. The main difference is in the meanings of 2-level responses to an opening bid. The general approach is just as the name suggests: If responder's first bid is 2 of a new suit (1S by.

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The most recent, widespread bidding trend has been the adoption of two-over-one game force (2/1). Written with Eric Rodwell, a many-time world champion and top bridge theorist, this book takes you through all the steps of 2/1 Game Force, beginning with an introduction, then a look at the forcing 1NT response, then rebids by opener and responder and finally the choice between game and slam.

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Karen Walker. One of the most popular bidding systems in the U.S. is the 2/1 Forcing-to-Game system. It's based on Standard American with 5-card majors. The main difference is in the meanings of 2 level responses to an opening bid. The general approach is just as the name suggests: If responder's first bid is 2 of a new suit (1 by opener - 2, 2.

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Home All Bridge BooksBARBARA SEAGRAM'S TWO OVER ONE CHEAT SHEET Click to enlarge. BARBARA SEAGRAM'S TWO OVER ONE CHEAT SHEET. $12.00. Everything you need to know about this system, in a nutshell.. Tips to Help you Learn 2/1; Semi‐Forcing No Trump & an alternative approach; Fourth Suit Forcing; Quizzes; And lots more! Reviews. Related.

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1 1 When responder uses a game-forcing "2-over-1" bid he is informing opener that he, too, holds at least opening -bid values. Accordingly, the partnership may leisurely proceed without fear of being dropped below game. Opener then should show his "shape," without implying # of HCP. Opener Opp Responder Opp 1 Pass 2 Pass ??

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A natural 2/1 system devised over the years by The Bridge World. It employs 5-card majors, 15-17 1NT, and a strong 2 opening. BWS is also the de facto system for The Bridge World's "Master Solver Club" bidding contests. Playing 2/1, a two-level suit response to a one-level suit opening is forcing to game.

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2-over-1 is game-forcing as long as responder is not a passed hand and there is no interference bidding (so, in competition, 2/1 is NOT game forcing). The 2/1 Game Forcing system is really an outgrowth of Standard American and 5-card Majors and many of the methods and conventions employed are alike. There are more details —this mini-lesson is.

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some slam interest. If you believe in 2 Over 1 Game Force,then play it; if you do not, then don't play it. The third variation is whether or not a reverse by opener shows extra values. In Standard American, a reverse by opener after a 2 level bid by responder establishes a game forcing auction, since opener is showing 16+ and responder is.

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Opening 2-bids (weak) Slam bidding Bridge glossary: Opening 2-bids (strong) Defense: Opening leads Bidding "cheat sheet" Opening 3-bids: Defense: Play & signals Opening 1-bids: Opening 4-bids: Declarer Play: Forming a Plan Opening and rebidding minors: Overcalls & takeout doubles: Declarer Play: Establishing Tricks Responding to an opening 1.


f. 1D - 2C Agreed by most 2/1 players as game forcing (at least 4 minor) 2) The responder makes a two level game forcing bid in a lower suit with 12+ "good" points. Thus, the 2/1 system requires a bidding mechanism to describe responder hands that have "in-between" values: those holdings in the 10-12 point range.

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Bid shows 5/6♥ and exactly 4♠. Any 2-level bid 2♥*/2♠* bid is to play. Over 1♥-1♠* = 4+ spades not 5! 2NT is the shape asking GF bids; however, the response of 3NT* shows 14-15 HCP and 6♥ (don't use it with less points). 4♣ and 4♦ are 1430 bids for Hearts and Spades, respectively.