Building A Municipal Election Kitchen Cabinet

A “Kitchen Cabinet” advisory group for political candidates is not ground breaking. The first Kitchen Cabinet was formed by U.S. President Andrew Jackson in 1831. In Australia they’ve created a reality political show about it and in Britain the media use the term as a reference for the Prime Minister’s inner circle.   Another fun fact is that Ronald Reagan’s Kitchen Cabinet included Joseph Coors of the Coors Brewing Company. A Kitchen Cabinet is a group of trusted friends and advisors who a politician or candidate can consult with privately on important strategies and issues.


For Municipal Election candidates your Kitchen Cabinet should start in your actual kitchen.  This group of confidants should remain small and trustworthy.   Your Kitchen Cabinet will most likely not include a national beer baron but will include community volunteers, soccer mums, PTA parents and local seniors.

A good Kitchen Cabinet for a Municipal Councillor Election should include a small, diverse group of people who:

  • Share your vision for the community
  • Are honest and have given you good advice in the past
  • Take a leadership role in your ward or city
  •  Have proven they keep sensitive information confidential
  • Can help make connections to other community leaders or campaign donors
  •  Have volunteered in other political or non-profit campaigns
  • Are historians in local politics

Have a couple people in mind? Make sure you ask these people early before your opponent does or prior to an emergency when you need their guidance and help.

Your new Kitchen Cabinet is going to help you fine tune you message, build your volunteer team and win.

Keep Knocking, 



President Reagan Enjoying a Coors

President Reagan Enjoying a Coors